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Nickelodeon Furniture

Nickelodeon has grown into an iconic TV channel and is now the most viewed television network by kids in the United States. It's a popular phenomenon that's inspired Lea Furniture, the leading producer of kid's furniture, to create an exciting new collection of Nickelodeon Rooms furniture. It's a completely fresh approach to kid's bedRooms furniture that's sure to appeal to kid's of all age groups.

Nickelodeon Rooms combines what children like about Nickelodeon and the well-known quality and craftsmanship of Lea youth furniture. There are three exciting new collections for girls and boys ? Nick (ages 3-7) TweenNick (ages 8-12) and TeenNick (ages 13+).

Each Nickelodeon Rooms collection has a wide choice of pieces and options to choose from, so kids can be really creative in how they personalize the place where they sleep, play and hang out.

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