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Home Entertainment Furniture

Americans are switching from traditional, old-style CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TVs to the new Plasma, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and DLP (Digital Light Processing) televisions in record numbers. This new television technology is becoming increasingly affordable and the benefits are instant! Not only do you enjoy an enhanced viewing experience with a larger, clearer and brighter picture, you also have a new opportunity to make a strong design statement in your home when you figure out how to integrate your flat panel television into your home environment.

The original idea of simply hanging the television on the wall is not always an easy or ideal solution. Especially now, with the wonderful choice in the new breed of TV Entertainment furniture to accommodate your television.

In response to this huge consumer trend, we now offer some of the most appealing and creative ways to enjoy this new generation of TVs. We have a vast range of styles to choose from including free-standing consoles, open consoles with hutches and hutches with doors that close, and plasma "hideaway" or "lift" consoles. In addition, our Home Theater Wall Units are flat-panel TV ready and include special features such as DVD racks and speaker doors.

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Entertainment TV Consoles

This minimalist approach is very often the way to go in a confined room space. Most offer wire management, media and component storage for easy equipment hook-ups.

Entertainment TV Consoles with Hutches

For the finished look of fine cabinetry built-ins, a console with a hutch may be the right choice for you. Some pieces have a movable back panel on the Hutch which can be moved forward to accommodate a range of TV depths. Utilizing a strong mounting bracket, flat panel TVs can also be vertically mounted to a some back panels.

Home Theater Wall Units

Wonderful, classic and contemporary furniture styles that provide the 'elegant' solution with plenty of “Wow!” A great way to enjoy high quality furnishings with all the practical benefits of ample electronics storage space and attractive display features.

Pop-Up Plasma/LCD. Hideaway TV Consoles with Lifts

The ultimate 'Cool Factor' and a great way to impress your guests! The flat panel TV is concealed inside the console when not in use, but then with the touch of a remote control, the TV raises up smoothly for viewing. Another touch of the remote and the TV lowers into it's storage position and a top lid automatically closes on the console.

Entertainment TV Centers/Armoires

All-in-one Entertainment Armoires, Etageres and Console/Hutch combinations are designed to stand alone and have finished sides with fine cabinet detailing. Many accommodate either traditional, deeper CRT televisions or the new flat screen TV monitors up to 50” wide.

When shopping our TV Entertainment Console furniture, please remember to measure your available room space and compare it with the overall dimensions of the piece you are considering buying. Also take into account your home's doors, hallways and stair wells which may hinder delivery and placement of larger pieces in a particular room. And lastly, but very importantly, you must measure the overall dimensions of your television to ensure it will fit the furniture. TV Manufacturers change specifications and dimensions every year.