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Kincaid Furniture

Kincaid Furniture

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Kincaid Furniture. Making Dreams Come True...

In 1924, a young boy of just fourteen years of age started his first job assembling drawers for a modest furniture producer based in North Carolina. His name was J. W. Kincaid. By the time he reached the Plant Manager position, he was able to save enough money to open a grocery store. However, it didn?t take long for Kincaid to realize his heart was in furniture, so in 1946, he acquired a small furniture company in Hudson, NC with his own savings and financial aid from Ruth, sister, and George, father - an investment totaling $10,000.

Displaying an impressive amount of hard work and pure American ingenuity, Kincaid Furniture was born. The twenty-four employees started out constructing around twenty wardrobes and chests made completely of wood per day, and many of those same pieces are still being cherished to this very day.

With customer service in mind, Kincaid became a forerunner in the furniture market by establishing a private fleet of road trucks. They then became publicly traded in 1983 in order to sustain their accelerated nationwide growth and expansion. Currently, Kincaid can count many third generation employees on its staff and still respects the family heritage and traditional values that were essential cornerstones of the original company.

Solid Wood, The Kincaid Way.

Kincaid Furniture is made largely from solid woods chosen for design, color coordination, and, especially, grain clarity. Appropriate combinations of various solid wood species are blended within each distinct collection.

The Kincaid Furniture Company makes a large portion of their furniture in the United States. Their highly trained and dedicated family of employees take great pride in constructing furniture to the highest standards. In addition, they tactfully incorporate globally-sourced products and components allowing them to offer a vast selection of styles and materials for the consumers benefit. In both cases, Kincaid's main focus is dedicated to making the highest quality products possible.  

The Little Things.

Wouldn?t it be nice to know that your dresser rests level on the ground? What if your drawers worked flawlessly despite the fact they are overstuffed with clothes? Or maybe you would like to be sure that the parting rails holding the case together are even, and remain that way even after the furniture has been moved. If issues like these are important to you, then you will appreciate the quality construction at the heart of every Kincaid piece!

A vast majority of Kincaid cabinet pieces possess ?leveling feet.?

Kincaid?s advanced hardwood-on-hardwood dovetailed drawer guides with tilt-proof clips ensure seamless, lasting performance.

For added strength and durability, Kincaid predrills and screw tightens many of the parting rails along with the essential use of glued mortise and tenon joinery.

If the Kincaid product or collection is not listed on our website, please call 804-249-4444. We can get any of the Kincaid products and we would love to quote you a great price.

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