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Pennsylvania House Furniture
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Pennsylvania House Furniture
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Pennsylvania House Furniture

Pennsylvania House Furniture

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Pennsylvania House History

Pennsylvania House Furniture Company is steeped in tradition. Since 1887, they have been providing some of the finest home furnishings available. Their legacy of impeccable craftsmanship and great style is a source of pride within the company and the Pennsylvania House brand name is respected throughout the U.S. furniture industry.

Pennsylvania House. Continuing to Keep Pace with your Changing Needs

It's so easy to be inspired by the wide variety of stunning collections offered by Pennsylvania House Furniture. The company goal is to provide inspired solutions to your home furnishing needs while making shopping for furniture an easy and pleasurable experience. Whether you prefer to surround yourself with traditional home furnishings, an eclectic blend of styles, or those with a more contemporary flair, Pennsylvania House continues to keep pace with your changing needs.

Pennsylvania House Furniture. A Tradition of Quality & Excellence

Today, whatever the advances in technology and swings in design trends, Pennsylvania House remains committed to creating furniture with the same attention to detail and uncompromising heirloom quality construction that has become their hallmark. Meticulous handwork, complemented by modern precision tooling, results in beautiful furniture that is fortified by age-old techniques such as dovetailing, mortise and tenon and double dowell jointing. By collecting Pennsylvania House furniture you can rest assured you are investing in a company where excellence is a way of life.

If you do not see the Pennsylvania House furniture you are looking for on our web site, please call us 1-804-249-4444. We can obtain all furniture in the Pennsylvania House catalog and we'll be delighted to quote you a great price.

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